What is GoTaps? GoTaps brings to the forefront unprecedented functionality by simplifying social sharing. GoTaps effortlessly sticks to your mobile device or comes in the form of a personalized card that helps you share, connect, and network with other individuals through just a tap!

The other person doesn’t need an app or a GoTaps to receive your info 💥

With GoTaps on your side, the sky is truly the limit. It can be used by anyone in any industry to share a customized, all-in-one social profile to people they meet.

If you don’t want to share your whole profile, use GoTaps Direct feature to directly share your Instagram, TikTok, Contact card, Snapchat, etc.

GoTaps can help improve your networking and will leave a lasting impression on everyone you meet.
How Does it Work? GoTaps products contain a smart chip that wirelessly sends your information to the phone. The sharing is initiated by a push notification that will appear on the other person’s phone. If that notification is tapped, your profile will load in the browser on their phone.

No app is required for this! Other individual doesn’t need to have an app installed to receive your information. It’s a win-win situation! GoTaps boasts compatibility with almost all devices.

For older phones that don’t have NFC, there is a QR code option on the GoTaps card.
Does the other person need the GoTaps App? Nope! 😎 That’s the beauty of GoTaps. Have someone just tap your product, or scan your QR code with their camera, and they instantly have your info. No app is required.

99% of phones can point the camera at your GoTaps QR code (on your product or in the app) to get to your info.

95% of phones can also get to your info by simply tapping your product and reading the NFC chip inside. Here is a full list of phones that have built-in NFC-reading capability.
What cases can Sticker stick to? GoTaps Sticker sticks nicely to all case materials except leather and some silicone. For these types of cases, we recommend either sticking your GoTaps Sticker underneath your case (yes GoTaps works through most cases!) or buying a Tapni Keychain instead.

For all other cases, including placing directly on the phone, GoTaps is good to go!